Made By Björk™ | Reindeer Chandelier- in natural color
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Reindeer Chandelier- in natural color

About This Project

Kraft- Strength
No antler is the other one alike, but together they form perfectly. Strength is all about staying together.

Reindeer chandelier in natural color.

Our reindeer antlers chandelier we always do with much joy  & we always write a little story about the chandeliers and the antlers, and we also give a name for your personal chandelier.

Prices varies depending on size.
Starting at: 7500 SEK

If you’r interested in a reindeer chandelier, let us know and we will design it for you.
When we create a Chandelier for you, we design it from the antlers natural form, so no chandelier is similar. Every product we design has it’s own personality and meaning.